Effigy Of Greta Thunberg Found Hanging By Noose In Rome

This month, Swedish climate-change activist stroke global superstar, Greta Thunberg, took to the world’s stage to deliver a powerful, yet stinging speech about the state of our planet.

The teenager slammed world leaders for their ignorance towards the issue of climate change and used her new-found fame to encourage people to contribute towards saving our planet.

Greta has become the face of climate change. The sixteen-year-old prompted the global school strike movement, which has collectively involved millions of youngsters skipping school in order to protest for much-needed climate change action.

Greta Thunberg – Getty Images

Yet, despite all of her amazing work, Greta has received a barrage of criticism and online-abuse. Her activism has seen her be labelled as “melodramatic” amongst other things, while others have been saying that she is simply being used as a political shield.

Even the President of the United States, Donald Trump, hasn’t been shy with criticising the youngster.

Greta glares as President Trump strolls past at the U.N Climate Summit – Twitter

After Greta slammed him for his lack of action in the fight towards climate change in her U.N Climate Summit speech, Trump responded by sarcastically tweeting, “She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!”

So, instead of actually addressing the issue of climate change, he opted for attempting to publically humiliate a child. Oh, and nobody likes sarcasm, Donald…

But now, a group of Greta-haters have taken things a step too far.

Greta Thunberg – Getty Images

An Italian group, ironically titled “The Awake”, have been slammed after they strung a Greta Thunberg effigy from a bridge. Yes, fully grown adults have depicted hanging a teenage girl from a bridge. This is the world we live in.

According to Italian newspaper la Republica, the group said, “We hanged Greta Thunberg in Rome. The dummy has its face and even its braids. Other actions will follow.”

Pictures of the disturbing model, which depicted the sixteen-year-old climate activist with a poncho and distinctive long plaits like those worn by the teenager, quickly circulated on social media.


The sickening model was bound to a piece of rope that was tied to the bridge in Rome’s main international airport, Fiumicino. However, the stunt has been slammed by Italian politicians who condemned the violence that the effigy was promoting, with Rome’s mayor Virginia Raggi expressing her ‘solidarity’ with Greta and her family.

On Twitter, the mayor described the act as “shameful”, before stressing that the city’s commitment to the climate will not stop.

Greta Thunberg’s emotional speech at the U.N Climate Change Summit – Getty Images

The Secretary of the Democratic Party, Nicola Zingaretti, also condemned the act of ‘gruesome violence’, adding: “We strongly condemn this gesture of those who do not respect ideas when they do not share them.”

The Italian authorities have now launched a full investigation into the stunt.

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