Drunk Online Shoppers Make Amazon $48 Billion A Year!

Shopping may seem like the last thing on your mind when drunk, but this isn’t a case for a lot of people it seems!

A technology and business newsletter, called The Hustle, took a look into how much Americans spend online while drunk, discovering it’s a business in itself.

2,000 American alcohol drinkers took a survey, with the research revealing 79 per cent of those having made at least one drunk purchase.

It’s been reported that those who do shop online while drunk spend around $444 each every year, with clothes and shoes being the most common purchases, and Amazon being the main website of choice.

The Hustle concluded that Americans spend around $48.4 billion each year drunk shopping.

In the survey, 79 per cent admitted they spend an average of $444 a year, and with there being around 138 million adults in the US who consume alcohol, that works out to be around 109 million who shop while drunk.

So $444 multiplied by 109 million is $48.4 billion, but of course this is a rough estimate based on a survey which only polled 2,000 people.

One woman discovered that her husband spent £660 on groceries.

Juliet East shared images of the huge shop that her husband had ordered from Tesco, while drunkenly panicking about Brexit.

She wrote:

THIS is what my husband’s drunken £600 No Deal shop looks like, fm actual l.”

‘Oh, did I tell you I’m away tomorrow night?’

Looks like we’re going enjoy our clean-bummed cornflakes as we drink our Malbec. Fml fml.

THIS is what my husband’s drunken £600 No Deal shop looks like, fm actual l.

— Juliet (@Jsoosty)

Juliet, speaking to Sky News, revealed her husband Tony had stocked up preparing in the event of a no-deal Brexit. She had written him a list of suggested products, but unfortunately Tony decided to add a bit more to the list.

Juliet explained:

“I didn’t think he was going to buy so much. He just went mad and bought lots of everything. He was laughing at the situation and said he doesn’t want anyone online to think he’s mad.”

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