Donald Trump Has An Insane Conspiracy Theory About COVID-19

Another day, another completely batshit statement from the actual President of the United States of America.

As if Donald Trump’s calls to end social distancing in time for Easter Sunday, with thousands upon thousands of Americans being infected by Coronavirus almost every day as states across the union go into lockdown, weren’t ridiculous enough, the 73-year-old has now taken to social media to lay bare his latest insane rant regarding the pandemic.

Citing the ‘lame stream media’ (A gentle reminder: This is a fully grown man tweeting this), Trump seemed to suggest with one of his most recent tweets that the press are using the Coronavirus crisis as a way to undermine his chances of re-election this November.

No, seriously, look:

So, despite the fact that THOUSANDS of Americans will die due to this pandemic, with millions more potentially being left out of work, it appears as if COVID-19 is actually nothing more than an overhyped media conspiracy to keep Trump out of office for another four years. Who knew, eh?

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any more completely normal outbursts over the coming days as more and more cases are confirmed across the US.

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