Dog sitters tell owner her pet died during three-day stay at their kennels… and hand the dead husky over to her wrapped up in duct tape

A woman who left her husky with a kennel while on holiday returned home three days later only to find her pet was dead and had been wrapped up in parcel tape.

Kirsten Kinch was travelling to Iceland for three days with her family on December 27, last year, when she left her dog Nova at P&E Boarding Kennels and Cattery in Dublin, Ireland.

Nova had an ongoing issue with colitis which was being successfully treated with steroids the months prior to her death and had been checked by a vet before boarding.

Yet when Ms Kinch went to collect her beloved dog on December 31, she was informed Nova had passed away from internal bleeding.

Taking to Facebook on Tuesday, Ms Kinch, of Dublin, said staff at the kennel told her Nova was found that morning ‘with blood coming from her’.

The distraught pet owner said she at first thought it was a ‘horrible joke, considering we had left a healthy dog to be cared for three days earlier’.

But Ms Kinch was then taken to see her 25kg husky who, to her horror, had been put in a black bag and wrapped up in duct tape.

She said: ‘I was brought in to see my gorgeous dog who had been wrapped in what I can only describe as a ball in a black bag which was covered in masking tape,’

‘There was clearly so little care and empathy in the way she had been handled and dealt with since finding her.

‘There are no words to describe how upsetting and traumatic it was to carry her to the car and take her home in what seemed a completely inhuman way.’

Ms Kinch took her dog to a trusted vet who confirmed using a microchip that the animal was Nova.

Paddy Cullen from P&E boarding kennels said his family has received death threats since the sharing of Ms Kinch’s post.

He explained that when he went to let the dogs out in the morning, Nova was dead with a ‘big pile of blood from her behind’.

‘I rang the vet and was told to wrap up the dog so as not to infect the other dogs,’ Mr Cullen told Metro.co.uk.

‘What other way could we do it? We were concerned about the spread of parvo virus. We were told to seal the bag so nothing could escape,’ he added that the dog was too big to place in the freezer.

Mr Cullen said: ‘Since the lady put it on Facebook, we have had nothing but hate mail and death threats and people saying they will burn down our house.’

Colitis, known as inflammatory bowel disease, is the inflammation of the colon in dogs.

It has several of the same symptoms as parvo virus, which if left untreated can kill within 72 hours.

A petition to close down the P&E boarding kennels reached nearly 3,000 signatures in just five hours.

Ms Kinch, who has emailed the facility demanding answers, said ‘still to this day I never received any kind of contact back from the kennels’.

She added: ‘Nova was a once in a lifetime kind of dog for me and my family and has left a hole that will always be impossible to fill.’

Source: Daily Mail

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