Disney Are Set To Open New Marvel World In 2020

It was only last month when the Star Wars franchise opened a brand new Star Wars-themed land in Disneyland, California.

The land cost a whopping $1 billion to create as the new park includes an impressive Millennium Falcon experience and a ‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance’ ride.

Disney have had a think and will be working on a new Marvel world in 2020 – How exciting!

Permits were just obtained in the City of Anaheim, so work can begin on their latest expansion at Disneyland’s companion park, California Adventure.

It’s been reported that Bug’s Land which is based on characters from Disney’s A Bug’s Life is going to be demolished which will create space for the new superhero attraction.

Disney bought Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion in 2009, havent commented on the planned works yet and havent told anyone which attractions will be included.

Apparently there will be an interactive Spider-Man ride…

There will also be Marvel-themed attractions around the world including places like Hong Kong Disneyland in 2023, Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris in 2020, and Florida’s Epcot park in 2021.

We can’t wait!!

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