Couple Come Out Of Mansion And Point Guns At BLM Protesters

This is the shocking moment a couple left their mansion in St. Louis brandishing guns and pointing them towards Black Lives Matters protesters.

The man could be seen equipped with what appeared to be an assault rifle, while the woman had a small pistol in her hand.

Even though the protest in St. Louis was peaceful, and the protesters made no effort to get close or in to the property, the couple still felt it was absolutely necessary to come outside, armed up to their teeth, and threaten the demonstrators.

The couple have since been identified as personal injury lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey.

In the shocking clip, the couple can be heard shouting at the group of approximately 300 protesters while waving their guns back and forth.

One person summed up the scene exceptionally well.

They wrote:

White people in St. Louis who are so threatened by people marching in support of #BlackLivesMatter that they come out of their house and point guns at protesters are a perfect metaphor for why these protests are necessary.

What a sad time we are living in.

Hopefully these protests can at least make some positive changes across the world.

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