Coca-Cola Is Launching FOUR New POSH Version’s Of Coke To Use As Mixers!

YES! It’s true. Fizzy drink giant Coca-Cola is launching four new Signature Mixers which will have slightly different flavours to the regular Coke you’re used to.

The new ‘mixers’ come in four varieties, with cool names like: Smoky Notes, Spicy Notes, Herbal Notes and Woody Notes.

Of course, the flavour is still cola, but they will have a hint of exotic flavours such as basil, exotic citrus fruit yuzu, jalapeno and lemongrass.

The brand new flavours will hit all major supermarkets, bars and pubs across from the start of June, and will cost £1.50 ($1.95) per 200ml bottle.

Fever Tree’s, Coca-Cola’s rival, usually sell 200ml bottles in packs of four for £3 ($3.91), which works out at 75p ($1.30) per bottle…You can also buy a 500ml bottle for just £1.35 ($1.76).

Supermarkets will set their own prices when the Coca-Cola bottles launch so they may go on sale for less nearer the time.

Coca-Cola says the mixers have all been created in partnership with some of the UK’s best mixologists – which are professional cocktail makers.

Smoky Notes

Described as an “intensely aromatic blend”.

Highly recommended for spiced rums and bold whiskies!

Spicy Notes

This one has hints of jalapeno chillies, ginger, citrus fruits and rosemary.

Recommended to go down a treat with amber-coloured whiskies and any kind of rum.

Herbal Notes

Hints of lemongrass, dill seed and tagetes.

Coca-Cola recommends serving it with amber whiskies and any kind of rum.

Woody Notes

The taste of basil, citrus fruit yuzu and patchouli, a type of bushy herb.

Perfect with woody whiskies and golden rums.

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