CEO Makes Fortune On Stock Market And Gives It To His Employees

While this may be hard to believe, not every millionaire CEO is an evil, power hungry villain obsessed with amassing wealth and f**king over poor people.

Instead, Larry Connor, CEO of The Connor Group, has shared a recent, very significant windfall with his employees who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Connor in fact made a cool $1.6m on the stock market but, rather than pocket it for himself, adding to his already vast fortune, he decided to share it among his staff, who are currently struggling for money due to the Coronavirus.

Connor owns and manages 14 high-end properties and called a video meeting with his staff, informing them that it was a ‘Pandemic Update’ before breaking the news.

In the address, the CEO said, “I started to think about probably our most important core values: Do the right thing and people count. I’m taking the entire $1.6 million and dividing it up among all of you. In my view, this is not a gift. You have earned it.”

The Connor Group is an Ohio based real estate company with 400 employees, many of whom have continued to work during the current lockdown.

As you can imagine, the reaction of Connor’s employees was one of excitement, shock and emotion, as most couldn’t believe what they were hearing when the news was broken to them.

The bonuses that will be divided between the staff range from $2,000 – $9,000 and will only be awarded to ‘non-highly compensated’ individuals.

Melissa Demoulin, an employee who’s husband has not worked for six weeks due to the pandemic and has two young children to look after, said of Connor’s generosity:

“Just getting the news that he (Connor) was doing that was a selfless thing. It’s so caring and so thoughtful that he wanted to take care of his people.

“You can say everything in the world, but just by doing that, actions speak louder than words. To take care of his people speaks volumes.”

Connor added, “We believe in leading from the front. And in trying times, that means more than just talking about the problem. It means taking action.”

Let’s hope more CEO’s follow suit during these trying times.

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