Black Man ‘Rips Open’ Car Door To Save White Officer From Burning Vehicle

As the saying goes, not all heroes wear capes – and Daylan McLee, 31, from Pennsylvania, is one of them heroes.

Daylan has not had an easy life. He’s suffered police harassment for years and even spent a year in jail before being acquitted.

Daylan is also is currently fighting a charge of resisting arrest against the same department, claiming he was kicked in the mouth during his arrest.

Image Credit: WTAE

But Daylan knows his right from wrong, and despite the past, and that’s why just a few days ago he risked his life to pull a white officer from his burning patrol vehicle, saving his life.

McLee was having a barbecue when he heard a loud bang outside. He ran out and saw a patrol car on flames with the officer trapped inside.

Immediately McLee ran over and tore open the door, saving the officer’s life.

Image Credit: WTAE

Speaking about the incident, McLee said:

We need to work on our humanity… that’s the main problem of this world. 

We’re stuck on how to get up or to get even, and that is not how I was raised to be. You learn, you live, you move on and I was always taught to forgive big. 

You can’t base every day of your life off of one interaction you have with one individual.

A true hero.

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