Belly Dancer Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For TikTok Videos

A belly dancer in Egypt has been sentenced to three years in prison for her TikTok videos which apparently ‘incited debauchery’.

Sama el-Masry was also given a 300,000 Egyptian pounds fine ($18,500) after being found guilty by Egyptian courts of feeding “immorality” on social media.

She was initially arrested back in April following an investigation into her social media posts.

The public prosecution claimed that her posts were ‘sexually suggestive’.

El-Masry, who has over 3 million followers on Instagram, has denied the allegations and claims the content in question was stolen last year and shared without her consent.

But El-Masry isn’t the only one.

In recent months, many social media stars in Egypt have been arrested by authorities on charges of promoting debauchery and prostitution on social media.

Other influencers who are on trial are expected to face the same punishment as El-Masry.

However women’s rights lawyer Entessar el-Saeed has spoken out claiming it is only women who have been targeted in the crackdown.

It certainly seems very wrong to sentence people to prison time just for posting a few photos online…

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