Australian Firefighters Break Into Dance And Smiles As Rain Falls On Bushfire

In the last couple of weeks, areas of Australia have been completely ravaged by formidable bushfires.

Thousands of acres of bushland have been completely destroyed, hundreds of homes burnt down, and over 1,000 koalas and various other wildlife native to the country have tragically perished in the flames.


So, quite understandably, a bit of rain to end the grueling drought has been eagerly anticipated.

Australian firefighters have been working round the clock to protect the wildlife and homes affected by the bushfires, so one team was quite obviously ecstatic when the heavens opened and descended rain upon them.

Firefighters from the Leongatha Fire Brigade were working in Rollands Plains in New South Wales this week when they were suddenly greeted with a majestic downpour of that much-needed rain.


The moment was captured on camera, and the team are visibly overjoyed, as they shelter from the rain together, laughing, cheering, and beaming.

The heartwarming video was posted to their Facebook page, where they wrote, “This is our crew in Rollands Plains in NSW at the moment with some very happy locals who have been on edge for over a month.”

And one of the loyal locals even got involved with the celebrations as she was pictured dancing with joy in the rain.

“This local has also been helping cook meals for all the Fire Fighters and locals that have been forced from their homes for the past two weeks,” the fire brigade wrote.

You can watch the full video above.

Let’s hope that more wonderful downpours like this will happen in the coming weeks, and help to put an end to the devastating fires once and for all.

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