AstroTurf Crocs?

Yes, something none of us ever really expected to see has come to pass – you can now buy Crocs covered in astroturf.

Chinatown Market has collaborated with Crocs to create a pair of the comfortable sandals that make the wearer feel like they’re walking on grass… Literally!

Clearly both Chinatown Market and Crocs were right that there will be a lot of fans of the rubbery clog out there as the $60 shoes are now all sold out on the Chinatown Market website.

This is probably the strangest brand collaboration since Crocs collaborated with Post Malone, where the rapper endorsed a set of Crocs that can only be described as looking like the t-shirt every boy wore to a school disco at some point in the noughties.

Post’s Crocs actually proved unbelievably popular, as minutes after launching Post took to social media to post: “My first collab with @crocs is SOLD OUT already!”

We’re hoping the astro turf is comfy, otherwise you’ll need to layer up with socks. And you wouldn’t want to fall into the trap of a socks’n’sandals when you’ve just got your stylish new Crocs, right?

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