Apple Is Finally Killing Off iTunes After 20 Years!

News has emerged that Apple is basically getting rid of iTunes. All the itunes memories…

Streaming services have become rapidly more popular and offer a never-ending list of new stuff to listen to, so we can kind of see why Apple are choosing to do this.

Tim Cook Apple’s chief executive officer and other heads of the company, are set to make a keynote presentation at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, later this month.

Updates for Apple’s operating systems, and a new approach to their apps will be discussed.

The updates will also highlight the new generation of Apple devices more than before.

It’s been reported that Apple Watches will become more independent from iPhones, while new iPads will include software which reduces the need for laptops.

Apple will be announcing the shift away from iTunes by introducing three new apps to replace it, focusing on music, TV, and podcasts.

iTunes is the default app for music, TV and podcasts on Macs and Macbooks, but not on iPhones or iPads, which offer separate apps.

The new Music app will be more closely tied to the company’s streaming service, Apple Music.

iTunes 1.0, was released in January 2001. iTunes 2.0 was released later that year to coincide with the first generation iPod.

Apple is re-branding its entertainment output to be a more multi-faceted provider, meaning customers should be able to manage their gadgets and apps more easily than through the default iTunes app. Sounds exciting.

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