App Developed That Tells You When You’re Near Someone In Debt

The authorities in China have allegedly developed an app that will tell people if they are within close proximity to someone who is in debt.

The app was created by government officials in the province of Hebei and is aimed towards getting the public to keep an eye out for those who are amassing debt.

So, what exactly does the ‘map of deadbeat debtors’ do?

Well, it’s not clear exactly how much debt you’ve got to be in to be included on the app, and it isn’t known whether any personal information is displayed, but the technology will alert the user once they come within 500 metres of someone in debt.

Should people wish to access this, you’ll have to be in Hebei province – obviously – but also have Chinese social media app WeChat.

China Daily has reported that the app exists to let people “whistle-blow on debtors capable of paying their debts.”

You see, being in debt is a massive social taboo in China. Citizens are expected to be saving and not overspending. Those in debt are supposed to be embarrassed about it.

This app seems to be a dead certain way to make sure of that.

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