Amber Heard Faces Backlash For Controversial Instagram Story Amid Trial

Amber Heard has found herself in hot water once again.

This time it’s for a story she posted amid the trial between herself and Johnny Depp.

While the court case is still ongoing, it’s clear that many people are beginning to side with Johnny Depp as opposed to Heard.

Dozens of fans have been spotted handing Depp cards and flowers of support on his way in and out of court.

Depp won even more support for being humble about the entire thing, thanking fans but no more.

However Heard is being slammed for a recent Instagram story – one that many are deeming ‘pathetic’ and ‘desperate’.

So what was it? Well just like Depp, Heard herself was given a card from a supporter called Rebecca and immediately she posted a photo of herself holding the card to Instagram.

One person wrote:

im 100% sure that her PR bought them and wrote the note she posted. can you imagine Johnny posting every little note he gets? not to mention that he value people’s privacy and treasures those note to publicize them. Jealous.

Another wrote:

Amber Heard gets flowers a day ago, no one cared so the today she posts on Instagram like, “look at me, people care!” Sis, no one does.

Some British people are particularly annoyed, given that Heard took the photo inside the courtroom – which is strictly forbidden in UK courts.

Many have said she has no respect for the British judicial system…

Take a look at the photo below:

Image Credit: Amber Heard Instagram

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