68-Year-Old Mom Sues Police Over Violent Arrest While Trying To Return TV

A 68-year-old mom has sued police after she was violently arrested when trying to return a TV.

The mom, Marvia Gray, was accused of stealing the TV with her son – when actually they bought it.

When they tried to return the TV they were both arrested.

Marvia, who is a black woman, alleges police brutality after the four white officers arrested her and her son.

Marvia feared that her son was going to die following the arrest which left him with shattered front teeth, a head injury requiring 12 stitches and seven staples, as well as a cut above his right eye that required seven stitches.

The incident occurred when her son bought her a 65-inch Sony Bravia TV – however he could not fit the TV into his car.

He made arrangements with employees to leave the TV on a pallet and he would come and pick it up later on.

When he returned the TV was not where they had arranged, and when he asked employees about it, they suspected him of trying to steal it.

Eventually he was allowed to take the TV but a police officer still followed him to his car.

When he told his mum what had happened she was disgusted and they decided to return the TV and get their money back but when they entered the store they were both brutally arrested.

One of the officers claimed he arrested them because he felt he was witnessing a ‘theft in progress’.

Marvia feared for her son’s life and felt like he was going to be ‘yet another black man, unjustifiably shot and killed by the police’, according to her lawyer.

She is suing the city as well as the police force – claiming she has no faith in the police anymore.

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