54,000 Less Americans Would Have Died With Earlier Lockdown, New Study Shows

A new study conducted at the University of Columbia has reported that a staggering 54,000 LESS Americans would have succumbed to COVID-19 had the United States entered lockdown on 1st March.

The current death toll in the US stands at 93,806, the highest in the world, with over 1.5m people infected by the virus. It has been confirmed that north of 300,000 patients have successfully recovered.

However, had lockdown procedures, such as closure of businesses, social distancing and stopping of mass gatherings been initiated just two weeks earlier than they were, over 50,000 of the deceased would still be with us, so Columbia’s study suggests.

The study reads, “Efforts to further raise public awareness of the ongoing high transmissibility and explosive growth potential of COVID-19 are still needed at this critical time.”

However, the study has not yet been peer reviewed. The White House reacted with a statement of it’s own which was, unsurprisingly, combative.

“What would have saved lives is if China had been transparent and the World Health Organization had fulfilled its mission.

“What did save American lives is the bold leadership of President Trump, including the early travel restrictions when we had no idea the true level of asymptomatic spread and the greatest mobilization of the private sector since World War II to deliver critical supplies to states in need and ramp up testing across the country that has placed us on a responsible path to reopen our country.”

Trump’s reaction to the virus has been widely criticised and ridiculed for the duration of the pandemic, with the former Apprentice host suggesting people inject themselves with disinfectant and also revealing that he has been taking anti-Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure so as to not contract COVID-19. This move has also been widely condemned by medical experts and scientists as being incredibly dangerous.

By way of comparison, the Vietnam war, which waged for 20 years, accounted for 58,000 American fatalities. In a little under three months, the Coronavirus pandemic is close to doubling that death toll.

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