2 Chainz Is Feeding The Homeless Instead Of Reopening His Restaurants

While the state of Georgia has lifted a good deal of its Coronavirus lockdown restrictions over the last few days, one person who is still adhering to the previous sanctions is 2 Chainz, who has opted against reopening his two Atlanta restaurants for dine-in services in favour of feeding the city’s homeless population.

The rapper had originally decided to reopen Escobar Restaurant and Tapas on Monday, but reversed his decision after more careful consideration and instead took to the streets to help out those most in need.

In collaboration with his business partner, Snoop Dillard, Chainz dished out butter garlic chicken pasta and water, with people queuing up round the block (six feet apart, of course), before Snoop hopped in his car to deliver meals for those further afield in the community.

Despite remaining open for takeaway meals, Escobar and Tapas have seen a 95 percent decrease in sales since quarantine started, with the hospitality industry crushed under the weight of the coronavirus pandemic around the world.

Georgia’s state governor last week gave some businesses including gyms, hair salons, nail salons, barbershops and bowling alleys, the green light to reopen, but Chainz and Snoop are now undecided as to when they will fully reopen their establishments, prioritising public safety over profit.

Nicely done, boys.

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