Justin Bieber Is ACCUSED of ‘Degrading Women’

Emma Portner, a dancer who choreographed Justin Bieber’s 2016 Purpose World Tour has come out to publicly say that the singer didn’t pay her much or anywhere near enough for the work she put in.

Emma, who is married to actress Ellen Page, said she couldn’t even afford to buy food at the time.

She made an instagram story to address Bieber and wants him to educate himself and surround himself with people other than his straight, white pastor and manager.

Stating he needs to stop degrading women, she said:

“I regret working under your name. I gave your universe my naive body, creativity, time and effort. Twice. For content you made millions off of. While I made zilch. Natta. Barely anything. Less than minimum wage for the hours I invested. I couldn’t afford to eat. I was sweeping studio floors to be able to practice my craft.

The way you degrade women is an abomination. You continue to collaborate with overly problematic people. You religiously go to a church that does not support the LGBTQ+ community. Your company hired an out lesbian in your music video, and to choreograph some content for your purpose world tour. How do you feel about that? A lesbian, HELPING YOU, for a disrespectful amount of money, as you attend a church that goes against my existence?”

Another story read:

“You can be grateful for opportunity AND still hold people accountable. You can be upset with your industry AND still want to be a part of it by encouraging change. You can be abused AND still have complex feelings towards your abuser(s). Dialectics will change you life. Get into the word ‘AND’ and continue down the path of releasing finite judgement. We are all eternally shape shifting.”

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