It’s Confirmed! Justin Bieber Is Making NEW Music!

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! Yes, it’s true, it’s happening, we can’t cope, we can’t deal. Beliebers are you ready? Justin Bieber IS making new music!

The What Do You Mean singer has been having quite a long break from releasing any music, apart from, you know, that song he did just the other week with Ed Sheeran.

It’s been an eager wait to see when he’ll be bringing out a new project and i think this tweet ‘Making New Music’ is confirmation we are getting close to it?

Over the past few years Bieber has endured a fast roller-coaster career ride, who rose to fame with phenomenal rapidity.

From a YouTube star in the late ’00s to the tattooed heartthrob of today, Bieber has grown up before our very eyes.

People have taken to twitter to share their excitement at the news!

We need new music NOW Justin!

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