Fans Think Taylor Swift Roasts Kanye West In New Song

It’s not a secret that Kanye West and Taylor Swift have a lot of controversial history together.

Need examples? Well there was the time he took the mic off her just as she was about to make her Best Female Video acceptance speech. There was also the time he made ‘that lyric’ about her, you know the one.

But now fans think that Taylor has taken things to the next level with an alleged brutal swipe at Kanye in her new song.

The lyric features in her song Peace and fans can’t stop talking about one lyric in particular.

The lyric reads:

But there’s robbers to the east / Clowns to the West.

And if you look closely at the lyrics, east is not capitalized, however west is – prompting fans to think this really is a direct reference to Kanye.

Kanye is quite obviously not in a good place at the minute – given his presidential rally, his Twitter episodes and subsequent apologies, and the footage of Kim Kardashian breaking down in tears besides him.

Let’s hope he gets better soon.

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