Ed Sheeran Grew Sick Of His Complaining Neighbours So He Decided To Buy Their Houses

It’s safe to say that getting along with neighbours isn’t always the easiest thing. There are countless stories out there ‘nightmare neighbours’ and how they hate eachother.

You don’t really get a say when it comes to living within close proximity to people and what type of person will be up the road from you.

Ed Sheeran recently ran into issues with his neighbours but unlike other people who just have to ‘get on with it’ he had a resolution the the problems he was facing.

The 28-year-old I Don’t Care singer has dropped a huge £4million in order to buy out his ‘moaning’ neighbours who lived in the houses surrounding his home in Framlingham, Suffolk.

Sheeran bought his £895,000 farmhouse back in 2012 and in the last few years he’s spent £3.7 million buying the surrounding properties..For no other reason than keeping his neighbours quiet.

The properties include a Grade II listed house next door for £450,000…a £925,000 detached house in 2016 and a bungalow £525,000 in 2017.

Sheeran’s net worth is an estimated £160 million with all of those hits.. so it was quite easy to buy the properties and solve the problem. It was reported the neighbours were complaining about the building work going on.

Apparently, earlier this year, his planning consultants had submitted an application to the local council for the works to the garden in November 2018.

The plan read:

“The works involve laying new paving and composite decking around three properties, creating a kitchen garden with raised oak beds, brick paver and gravel paths, building the brick plinth base for a greenhouse”

The singer didn’t stop their, as he also wanted to build a treehouse and a 32ft chapel in the grounds of his home. Of course.. the neighbours weren’t loving that idea.

One neighbour explained via a letter:

“We have no problems with the proposal but query the mention of the chapel which has not gained permission and is most likely to be an oversight and would also request that all external lighting is switched off between midnight and 7 am.”

Ed sorted all of this though.. probably a lot easier than the usual person.

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