Diddy Reveals Plan For Online Rap Battle Against Dr. Dre

Musicians around the world right now are doing everything they can to keep fans entertained, with a plethora of stars taking to their living rooms, gardens, garages, pool houses and various other rooms of their sprawling estates to stream concerts aimed at raising money for various Coronavirus based charities.

And, although no charitable benefit has been attached to this latest news, Diddy has revealed that ‘talks’ have taken place for an online rap battle between him and fellow rap icon Dr. Dre.

The former Puff Daddy broke the news during an instagram live interview with Fat Joe, who questioned Diddy about the potential of a face off between the pair on recently launched Verzuz TV, a platform introduced by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz for rappers to spit bars at each other during quarantine.

Highlights on the channel have included T-Pain vs Lil Jon and Teddy Riley vs Babyface, which even spawned a rematch.

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“Yeah, we’re definitely talking about it. You heard it here… you heard it here on the show.” Said Diddy during his chat with Fat Joe.

Dre, meanwhile, speaking after the Riley/Babyface battle, said, “I don’t know if I’m interested man, we’ll see, we’ll see. 

“I was going back and forth with Puff earlier today and … you and Babyface are inspirational. You guys are champions but … I don’t know if this is for me.”

Let’s hope Dre becomes as passionate about the project as Diddy, as we desperately need to see this become a reality. And soon.

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