You Can Now Get Your Hands On ‘Red Only’ And ‘Blue Only’ Sour Patch Kids

EVERYONE has a favourite candy right? Sharing a packet with someone can be a dangerous thing as your favourite flavours are at risk of being eaten before you get to them.

There will no longer be any more arguments regarding Sour Patch Kids anymore as they are now releasing limited edition packets of blue and red only flavours.

The Sour Patch Kids ‘Just Red’ and ‘Just Blue’ bags of the sweet and sour candies are perfect for people who don’t love a huge amount of variety when enjoying a sweet treat.

You can get these packets at 7-Eleven locations.

One instagram user explained their excitement:

“we’re buying 6 of these….5 to eat and 1 to save for nostalgia purposes to show later generations that our civilization is possible of great things”

Another wrote:


Some are a little confused as to why other flavours weren’t considered..

As it stands you can’t get single packets if lime green flavour or lemon yellow… maybe you’ll be able to soon, who knows.

Hopefully these limited-edition packs become more of a permanent thing!

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