You Can Now Buy Instant Ramen Noodles That Have All The Nutrients You Need To Survive

Ramen is a well loved dish around the world. It’s easy to cook and it tastes so damn good.

This Japanese dish can be served in a meat or fish-based broth, flavoured with soy sauce or miso.. and this is making me very hungry!

We would expect that in a restaurant of course.. the ready to go ones aren’t as fancy but taste great still, but you wouldn’t expect to be able to live off them would you?

Nissin, an instant noodle company have just created an All-In range that is meant to have all the vitamins and nutrients to survive. Wow!

Nissin stated:

“In general, it is said that nutrients in food are lost during long-term storage and cooking”

“The NISSIN All-in series is overwhelmingly confident in the taste while keeping all the nutrients you need for the day until after boiling. Even if it is stored for a long time, even after it has been boiled, we are committed to nutrition even when eating so that necessary nutrients are not lost.”

The company have made the noodles hold 40 percent less carbs because of their special coating.

You get a huge 13 different vitamins, 13 minerals per pack as well as protein, and dietary fibre. Who would’ve thought ay?

Nissin has just released these so go and get yours now! They’re your key to survival… well.. that may be an exaggeration but they’re definitely not bad for you!

It doesn’t end there. You get three delicious flavours to choose from including Abura Ramen, your usual ramen flavour with spicy rayu oil, chashu pork, and spring onions, Tom Yum, which is a coconut milk and lemongrass flavour and Tantan, which is a smokey Szechuan flavour. Sound sooooo good!

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