You Can Now Buy An Instagrammable UniCornetto Ice-Cream

The Cornetto… probably the worlds favorite kind of ice cream treat.

It comes in all kinds of flavours.. different kinds of chocolate and the crunchy cone just adds the cherry on top.

Streets, the company behind the ice-cream, has just CHANGED the Cornetto game with their new release.

Say hello to the UniCornetto, aka a unicorn Cornetto. I need one now please!

It’s made up of amazingly enchanting colours of blue and purple ice-cream, with a sweet strawberry sauce to compliment, finished with multi-coloured crispy chocolate balls as the topping. Mmmmmm!

Samantha Jarmul, Streets brand manager, explained:

“We’re thrilled to be giving our customers a taste of magic with this exciting new member of the Cornetto family.

“The UniCornetto was created to bring a unique dessert experience to teens and families alike and is too majestic not to be shared with friends.”

You can get these instagram worthy ice creams from various service stations and anywhere that sells ice cream.

It’ll cost you $4 but it’s so worth it for instagram, right?

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