Woman Finds ‘Doorknob’ In Her Taco Bell Nachos

When you order food from a fast food chain… restaurant… cafe… you don’t expect to find a non food object in your order do you?

Well, this woman recently ordered nachos from a Taco Bell and was met with a very strange object amongst her nachos. A doorknob.

Eve Saint, from Fishkill, New York, shared a her discovery of a “doorknob” in her nachos to Facebook.

The photo shows what looks like a door knob covered in cheese, sauce and bits of meat. Very strange indeed.

People haven’t fully believed that this is a legit photo with some branding it looked ‘fake’ but Saint said she’d waited in “the drive through for 45 mins and I’m the only one who got a door knob.”

She later revealed that the item was in fact a handle from a nacho cheese pump that must’ve fell in. What are the chances of that?

When the woman tried to complain to Taco Bell, she was told that couldn’t happen and was hung up on.

It took her so many attempts to be taken seriously and finally she got through to someone at the company.

Taco Bell issued a statement, saying:

“We take this very seriously. The franchisee that owns and operates this location is looking into this matter and strives to make things right with the customer”

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