Woman ‘Disgusted’ After Finding Worm In McDonald’s Chicken Legend

Recently, Disha Vasyani, a 27-year-old woman was about to tuck into a Chicken Legend from fast food giant Mcdonald’s and was horrified to find a green worm lurking in her meal.

Daisha, obviously disgusted by what she discovered the creepy crawlie wriggling in the lettuce of her burger.

Daisha had just taken a shot of insulin for her diabetes and the sudden drop of blood sugar left her feeling weary as she complained to staff.

She explained that she couldn’t stomach any solid food afterwards and most definitely won’t be visiting the fast food chain again.

The incident happened at a McDonald’s opposite Tottenham Court Road station in London.

She says her meal left her ‘disgusted’ and she can’t believe they would serve her food with a worm in it.

Disha explained:

‘I took some pictures and just to be sure I showed it to somebody who was sitting beside me who was also disgusted by it.’

Before every meal she injects insulin, so by this point had already done and revealed ‘By that time I was too low on energy so I really couldn’t discuss much in detail. I had to eat something.’

A worker at the brand apparently wasn’t too phased about the discovery and acted like it was ‘normal’, but another member of staff did offer a replacement meal, which Disha turned down.

She said:

‘After seeing the worm, I didn’t really feel like eating so I just had juice for lunch’

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said:

“Food safety is of the utmost importance to us. We place great emphasis on quality control and are sorry to hear we fell short on this occasion.”

“When this was brought to the attention of the restaurant manager, they apologised to the customer and offered a replacement meal.”

“This was declined, however the customer did accept a full refund”

“Should the customer have any further queries, we recommend they contact our Customer Services Team, who have tried to reach out a few times, to help find a resolution.”

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