Study Reveals That 28% Of Delivery Drivers HAVE Eaten Some Of Your Food Before It Arrives

Takeaways are precious. You spend so long debating what to get, and if you’re in a larger group.. it can take twice as long.. then you have a 45-60 minute wait for the food to arrive.. which is hell. Then the food finally arrives and you’re the happiest you’ve been in a while.

We never usually think badly of our delivery drivers.. i mean.. maybe if they’re a bit late.

You’d never expect them to eat some of your order.. that just wouldn’t be okay.

They wouldn’t… they couldn’t.. never in a millions years.. would they ACTUALLY take a bite?! Well.. you are wrong. Sorry.

It’s been confirmed that delivery drivers are eating people’s food before dropping it off and it’s making me ITCH.

A study carried out by distributor US Foods, found around 21 per cent of customers worrying the driver may have had a bite of their order, and a whopping 85 per cent said they would like restaurants to adopt tamper-proof packaging because of this fear.

The study found that (28 per cent) of delivery drivers admitted they were unable to resist taking a bite before dropping the food off at its final destination….. no no no no no…. it can’t be true!!

Many also noticed that the food was a lot colder than it should’ve been.

I think even with the new knowledge of drivers having a nibble of OUR takeaway… it’s not going to stop us ordering food. It’s too nice.

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