Speeding Because Of Hot Wings? Boy, 16, Tells Police He Needed The Toilet After Hot Wings

Speeding isn’t good. It can cause accidents, get you a hefty fine and anger other drivers.

Apparently, for this 16 year old boy, breaking the speed limit wasn’t really a choice.

After enjoying some spicy hot wings the boy was on his way home when he realised he really quite desperately needed the toilet. So he had to move a little faster shall we say.

The 16-year-old’s choice in speed was caught by police doing 105mph (170 kilometers an hour). Yikes.

Driving a Chevrolet Camaro in Manitoba, Canada, the kid was approached and questioned by a police officer, who obviously asked him the reason behind him speeding home.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman explained:

“This 16-year-old’s excuse for going 170 km/h in a Camaro?

“‘Too many hot wings & needed a bathroom.'”

Canadian police were not impressed and slapped the boy with a fine $966 Canadian dollars (approx £571) for the speeding.

Also, in Canada, you’re not usually allowed to drive without the supervision of someone who is at least over the age of 18. So another $203 Canadian dollars (approx £120) was issued..

Of course, people on Twitter shared their thoughts:

I’m sure he’ll never make the mistake of ordering hot wings from the same restaurant again.

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