SHOCK As It’s Discovered That McDonald’s Paper Straws Are NOT Recyclable

You know when you think you’re doing the right thing.. being a good person.. making small changes. Well. You may have felt that about McDonald’s and their paper straws. It kind of made you feel like you were helping the environment in a strange way?

Well.. really sorry to burst your bubble but the ‘eco-friendly’ paper straws that replaced plastic ones at McDonald’s are actually.. not as eco-friendly as you believed and are actually non-recyclable.. so it’s kind of a shock isn’t it?

We’ve had to put up with soggy straws for a long time now thinking we were being good humans only to find out they aren’t benefiting the world in any kind of way.

The information was discovered from a meme circulating the internet and McDonald’s have confirmed the memo’s claims stating that it is in fact true that paper straws cannot yet be recycled. Staff are are told to throw them into the general waste bins at restaurants.

This bit will make you sick.. the plastic straws we were told to fear that they replaced were actually ‘100 percent recyclable’. Wow!

The leaked internal memo read:

“Paper straws are not yet recyclable and should be disposed of in general waste until further notice.”

McDonald’s decided to end the use of plastic straws in their 1,361 restaurants across the UK and Ireland to push people to make more sustainable choices.

People are shocked by the new information and can’t understand why paper straws were bought in anyway? What did it actually do?

The straws have never been a favourite as they dissolve in fizzy drinks, while others say they make milkshakes difficult to drink.

Even though McDonald’s admitted their plastic straws were 100 percent recyclable, they stick by their choice to switch because ‘more can be done’.

Stuart Foster, from recycling charity RECOUP, spoke on McDonald’s choices and said they’d been caught out trying to placate environmental campaigners.

He explained:

“Everyone is switched on [to] environmental discussions, but the big firms need time to understand what they’re doing.”

A statement from McDonald’s said:

“We strengthened our paper straws so, while the materials are recyclable, their thickness makes it difficult for them to be processed by our waste solution providers.

“We’re working with them to find a solution, so putting paper straws in general waste is therefore temporary.”

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