Restaurant In Amsterdam Develops Private Greenhouses For Socially Distanced Meals

It’s fair to say that pretty much all of us would bite off our own hands for a stress free, relaxed meal in a restaurant or a couple of drinks in our local pub at the moment, after spending the last two months stuck behind closed doors.

Well, one establishment in Amsterdam has provided customers with a unique, ingenious solution to dining out in the age of social distancing.

Mediamatic Biotoop have developed private greenhouses for their customers to sit in and enjoy their meals, while providing protection from fellow diners so not to potentially spread Coronavirus any further.

The restaurant, located on the island of Oosterdok in Amsterdam, shared a video of the pods on their official Facebook page and has been trialling their effectiveness with volunteers recently.

The idea is known as Serres Séparées, which translates to ‘separate rooms’ and could provide a glimpse into the future that could await some restaurants in a Coronavirus affected world.

If the concept is rolled out permanently at Mediamatic, it will only be open to diners from the same household, rather than friends meeting up for a meal.

A spokesperson said: “In restaurants and bars, a separate room is traditionally named in French: ‘Chambre séparée.’

Images: Mediamatic

“It suggests a sexy kind of intimacy. Here things can happen that should remain hidden from plain sight and not be heard by all.

“We’ve decided to name our greenhouses in French too. Although what happens inside will be a lot more public.”

While private greenhouses may be an extreme measure that many restaurants, understandably, would not be able to replicate, it’s an encouraging sign that such ambitious projects are being tested and implemented to help some businesses remain open and avoid permanent closure and further unemployment and general misery.

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