Oreo Have Now Created Wafer Rolls!

Snack lovers… your day’s about to get really good! Say hello to Oreo’s new addition… wafer roll! They sound dreamy…

Unfortunately… the rolls only seem to be available Thailand or Vietnam, so we really really hope that changes soon! We need them EVERYWHERE!!

Look.. there is a light at the end of the tunnel, Amazon is going to be your best friend as you can get the tasty treats on there but they might just take a while to turn up.

In another exciting snack news.. Cadbury recently released three brand new flavours of their own chocolate.

Simply the Zest, Raspberry Shortcake and Choca-latte! Sounds so good! These have all been created as part of Cadbury’s inventor competition.

The competition challenged people to come up with three ingredients, a name and explain what had inspired their creation.

17-year-old Callum has a huge love for coffee and the eager teenager from Ireland says it’s his dream to set up his own coffee business one day.

44-year-old teacher Melanie from Manchester thought of the Raspberry Shortcake flavour.

25-year-old Neelam from Leeds wanted Simply the Zest as a flavour.

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