Oreo Are Releasing A New “Maple Cream” Flavour For Fall 2019

The ordinary Oreo is an incredible snack… it’s hard to think that anything else would ever come near to topping it.

You can dunk it, take it apart and eat the middle, or just eat it. It’s a very strong snack that millions of people can’t get enough of… it’s a flavour used in many dessert dishes, ice cream, milkshakes, the list goes on.

Good news for Oreo fans, as the snack brand have unveiled an all new flavour for fall 2019 that looks set to make a huge impact on the cookie scene.

Throwing out the old recipe, the brand has whipped up a new middle known as “Maple Cream” featuring a golden cookie and maple syrup-flavoured filling. Wow.. it sounds so good!!

As well as a new flavour, there will be new packaging featuring a golden maple leaf and stylised depiction of the cookie itself. It was leaked by food Instagrammer Junk Banter, who wrote:

“My mind and soul may be ready for spring & summer, but my body is permanently ready for fall. Bring on the new Maple Crème Oreos, debuting some time this year (I’d have to guess this will be a late summer release in advance of the fall season).”

Nabisco, the parent company have since confirmed that Maple Cream is just one of the many flavours scheduled for a 2019 release.

Nabisco released S’mores Oreos, Latte Thins, Marshmallow Moon and Mint Chocolate Chip varieties already this year.

Junk Banter suspected that the flavour would be “like the Waffles & Syrup Oreos without the butter flavor, and a more intense maple.”

We cannot wait to try it!!

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