New Zealand McDonald’s Lets Customers Eat Inside A Decomissioned Plane

New Zealand seem to be doing everything right at the moment. They’ve effectively combated the Coronavirus pandemic, their Prime Minister brushed off AN ACTUAL EARTHQUAKE during a press conference and as if that wasn’t enough, they also have a McDonald’s restaurant that allows customers to enjoy their Big Macs and nuggets inside a decommissioned plane.

The Taupo Maccy D’s has long been considered a landmark in the area, with customers paying for their meal in a regular restaurant before being able to take it aboard the old Douglas DC-3 plane.


Behind a glass door remains the plane’s cockpit, which customers can have a peek at while they debate whether or not to go back for a McFlurry.

The plane was purchased by Ronald and co in 1990, with Eileen Byrne and her husband Des owning the restaurant since 2000.

Originally used by the New Zealand post office, the Douglas DC-3 was built in 1943, becoming a passenger jet in the early ’60s before being retired in 1984, after travelling for over 56,000 hours.

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