Nestlé Toll House Releases New Grinch Cookies For The Festive Season

Yes, we know it’s still only September, but it’s usually this time of year (sometimes a little earlier) that the festive treats and decorations come in to play in stores.

Brands are ready for the big Christmas push and the new products being released never fail to impress us! Who doesn’t like festive snacks?!

So, with Christmas fast approaching and the Elf or the Home Alone movies being replayed again and again for another year, a yummy treat to watch the films with sounds perfect doesn’t it?

Good news film and snack lovers, your festive dreams are being answered as it’s been revealed that Nestlé Toll House is releasing Grinch-themed cookies. YAY!

It’s been reported that the product comes in the form of ready-to-bake cookie dough, and is a bright shade of green with edible read candy hearts. Green or not, that sounds really good.

Nestlé said:

“We predict your heart will grow three sizes as you fall in love with the new Nestlé Toll House Pinch of Grinch Cookie Dough”

You’ll be able to buy these tummy treats from Target and Kroger at the beginning of October, and are here to stay until the end of 2019.

They will cost you $2.99.

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