Mother To SUE Fast Food Chain KFC After Contracting Parasite From Their Chicken

A 25 year old mother, Alyssa Lee, has reportedly suffered a violent bout of food poisoning, all because of a meal at an Australian KFC, which saw her food contaminated with a parasite..

The veterinary science student ate chicken purchased at a franchise near Townsville, Queensland, that was extremely undercooked making her very ill.

Alyssa had eaten two pieces of the chicken before breaking a piece apart for her two-year-old then discovering that something was very wrong with the meat.

The mother was forced to confront the manager after several unsuccessful contact attempts over the phone. Stating that things “escalated from there.”

Alyssa explained:

“When it was worst, I had my head in a toilet bowl most of the day. If I wasn’t (o)n the toilet I was in bed. I had to ask friends and family to look after my son because I couldn’t.”

Her doctor diagnosed her with Sapa Virus, norovirus, stomach flu and a parasite known as Giardia Instestinalis.

The mother still hasn’t fully recovered and is still experiencing symptoms months after consuming the contaminated food.

KFC commented on the allegations:

“We are sorry to learn of Mrs Lee’s illness, but we do not believe this was caused by KFC”

“As this is a legal issue, we cannot comment further.”

Alyssa has stated that money has never been the reason she wants to sue the food chain, she revealed:

“I didn’t do this for money. I’ve never claimed for compensation in my life. No one in my family would do this for money. I want to prove negligence because what is happening is disgusting. Since my food poisoning, I have heard so many worrying similar stories. I was sick for about four weeks and had to go on three rounds of medication but I still experience bouts of nausea and vomiting now – three months on.”

Solicitor Glenn Brown, whose firm are representing Lee, explained:

“Unfortunately, food poisoning incidents are not uncommon and people can underestimate its seriousness as a result. But the reality is that food poisoning can be extremely serious, even fatal. It can leave people with post-infectious conditions for years afterwards. Most importantly, there is no excuse for it, because it is entirely preventable if retailers comply with safe food handling standards.”

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