Marmite Peanut Butter Is Coming

Just when you thought things couldn’t get get any worse for us all, Marmite has announced it will launch its own peanut butter concoction.

Yes it appears they weren’t happy with the option of either love or hate, so have opted to cut out the middle man and just leave us with a whole lot of hate, instead.

But that’s unfair, maybe it’ll be nice.

According to reports, the 225g jars will be available on Ocado.com from 25 March and will set customers back £2.50. They will then go on sale at Sainsbury’s from 7 April before being available at other major retailers.

And it’s quite a big deal for the people at Marmite, as it’s the first time since the company started in 1902 they have launched a new permanent flavour to stand alongside their standard meaty option.

Credit: Marmite

Apparently the decision was made because of the ‘overwhelming demand’ among customers.

Brand manager for Marmite, Camilla Williamson, said there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the launch

She said in a statement:

“The British public asked, and we listened. We’re delighted to bring the nation exactly what they’ve been craving with the creation of Marmite Peanut Butter.”

“It’s the most exciting product launch since the conception of the brand in 1902 and we’re confident that the nation is going to love it.”

This isn’t the first time Marmite has made the news for its strange flavour pairings; last week fast-food giant Papa John’s announced it was rolling out a pizza that comes with a Marmite stuffed crust.

Now this I can get on board with.

Basically, the pizza will work like any other stuffed crust. The difference is that instead of just cheese, you’ll get that same mozzarella cheese, but with a healthy dollop of Marmite chucked in for good measure.

As you’d expect, the extra Marmite is going to set you back a bit more. To be fair, it is already more expensive to have a stuffed crust of any kind, so why not push the boat out?

If you want to get more Marmite into your takeaway, you can for an extra £2.50. That’s the same as the regular stuffed crust. Prices do vary between branches though, so make sure that you check if you’re worried.

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