KitKat Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Have Arrived!

This is a collaboration you’re going to need to sit down for… Are you ready?

KitKat Krispy Kreme. Yes. KitKat and Krispy Kreme have teamed up for the ultimate treat and people are going CRAZY! Is this really happening?

The special collaboration see’s Krispy Kreme’s glazed original ring dunked in milk or white chocolate and sprinkled with KitKat’s wafer and chocolate filling… with a mini KitKat on top. Sounds sooooooooo good!

They cost $2.33 (£1.90) each and will be widely available in Krispy Kreme stores. Need. One. Now.

Krispy Kreme are so excited and are holding launch parties in some of their Drive Thru stores. What?! Where is my invite?

If you manage to be the first person through the drive through at midnight you will get your hands on a super-sized box of the new doughnuts shaped like a classic KitKat.

The following 11 people will be given a complimentary limited edition box of a dozen doughnuts… this is soooo worth the late night trip!

Obviously.. social media has been teasing people and the brands are loving it.

KitKat challenged Krispy Kreme to a noughts and crosses match.

Don’t wait around to get your hands on this doughnut as they’re only available until 13th October… that makes me sad.

Maybe they’ll keep them round for longer if they know how much people love them?

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