KitKat Is Ditching Plastic Packaging In Japan For Paper You Can Turn Into Origami

Companies from all over the world are looking for many way’s to minimise their use of plastic.

KitKat has just changed the game with their clever idea of using packaging you can turn into origami once you’ve finished using it.

Food and drink giant Nestlé (they own Kit Kat) said they would be exclusively issuing 100 per cent recyclable packaging for its products by 2025. How amazing is that?!

Nestlé’s Japanese branch has just launched new packaging for the popular miniature KitKat chocolate bars, and instead o being wrapped in plastic, they will be covered in paper.

Nestlé Japan have even labelled the packaging with instructions on how to create origami after eating the snack.

You can turn the packaging into the origami crane, which is a traditional Japanese messenger of thoughts and wishes.

This will hopefully mean that the paper will remain in use for longer, rather than being thrown away immediately after consuming the snack. So clever.

This switch is expected to cut down on roughly 380 tons of plastic each year.

The environmentally friendly shift will launch later this month with the most popular KitKat mini flavours. These flavors include the original, matcha and otona no amasa, which means ‘sweetness for adults’ and is a darker chocolate taste which is slightly more bitter. That will be out first.

It’s in next September that the brand will roll out the paper packaging into its normal-sized KitKat multipacks.

Then it will go on to releasing single-layer paper wrappers for individual KitKats in 2021.

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