KFC Selling A Huge 80 Piece Popcorn Chicken Bucket

Honestly, who out there doesn’t love fried chicken? Of all the junk food on the market, it’s sure;y the most universally beloved. And of all the fried chicken brands out there, there’s one which reigns supreme. KFC is the ultimate in the industry – no matter how many rip-offs there are out there.

And what’s even better than the KFC taste? Well, it has to be the fact that they’re constantly inventing new and incredible menu items for our eating pleasure. While they’re never the dreams of health professionals, they are not afraid of creating the fast-food mashups of the internet’s dreams.

Credit: KFC

Who could forget the iconic KFC Mac & Cheese bowl? We never thought two great tastes would taste quite so great together. Truly, it’s the menu item that sounds like a stoner’s fever dream. The crispy chicken pieces were sprinkled across a signature three-cheese blend pasta. Anyone else feeling hungry?

Credit: KFC

They’re not afraid of controversy, either. Who could forget the bizarre menu mashup they attempted with this chicken and donut combo. Our arteries hurt just looking at this – although we also kind of want to try it …?

But their latest launch is far less controversial. In fact, it’s not a matter of creating a bizarre mashup – in fact, it’s just about extreme value for money. The launch in question? A whopping eighty piece chicken feast, for the low, low price of $7.69 (£5.99).

Credit: HotUKDeals

The incredible deal was discovered online today, and people are going wild for it. The deal consists of eifghty separate pieces of fan-favorite popcorn chicken in one ginormous bucket. And in spite of its huge size, it’s still rather bargainous – coming in at a lower cost than many of KFC’s bigger single meals.

Though it’s clearly not for the faint of heart. Eighty pieces of popcorn chicken may sound fairly manageable, but people are sharing images online of their unfinished mega buckets.

Credit: KFC

Some were initially skeptical about the offer, but people have shared receipts online proving it’s genuine. We just don’t know how long it’s here for.

Oh, and there’s one other problem. This offer seems to currently only exist in the UK. But with this much chicken on offer, we could be convinced to hop on a flight.

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