KFC Is Now Testing Taco Bell-Esque Crispy Chicken Tacos

It’s safe to say that fast food giants KFC and Taco Bell are well and truly the favourites of the fast food world. You can tuck into tasty crisps chicken on or off the bone.. or you can indulge into a mouth watering burrito with the meat of your choice. We’re making you hungry aren’t we?

Something that you probably thought would never have happened.. is most certainly happening and it’s going to make you need one right now!

KFC has decided change the game of fried chicken.

Instead of serving the Colonel’s finger-lickin’ food in a bucket or burger bun, KFC France has been somewhat inspired by Taco bell and has started wrap their chicken in a crispy taco shell.

How exciting is that!

The release isn’t an official collaboration, it’s a known fact and quiet obvious that KFC is copying Taco Bell. It’s okay thought, as both franchises are actually owned by the same corporation, American-based Yum!

It’s quite surprising Taco Bell and KFC don’t team up more often right? It could create a whole new franchise.

It doesn’t stop their, KFC France have also released a limited-edition fried chicken “hot dog” made up of American cheese, jalapenos, hot sauce, and mustard. Yum.

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