KFC Forced To Apologise After ‘Kidney’ Is Found In Takeout Meal

A customer that was tucking into a tasty KFC had a horrific discover recently when he found a “horrendous kidney” in his takeout meal in a branch in Dorset, England. YIKES!

Sanchez Jansz-Baker, 30, from Portland, couldn’t help but feel sick from his findings when he bit into a chicken thigh and the kidney fell out.

He explained:

“It was horrendous”

“When I first looked at it I didn’t know what it was, it looked like a brain. It felt all squidgy and horrible.”

Jansz-Baker, disgusted, went back to the restaurant in Weymouth, where his partner bought the fast-food meal, to complain about the horrid find.

He added:

“I spoke with a friend who suggested I go down there if I wanted to complain”

“They said it was better to do it now rather than later and to take the chicken with me.”

Jansz-Baker spoke with the restaurant manager, who advised him to get in touch with KFC’s head officewher they could look into the incident more closely.

Since the discovery, a spokesperson for KFC has since apologised to Jansz-Baker, saying:

“I’m sorry to hear you found a chicken giblet in your KFC. This looks like the kidney of the chicken and should’ve been removed whilst the chicken was being prepared. We’re very sorry this was not removed.”

They continued:

“I know it’s not much consolation, but because the chicken we use in our restaurants arrives on the bone, sometimes the team can miss a piece of giblet. It’s one of the things with using natural ingredients. Our team all know to double-check for giblets when they’re preparing the chicken but I’m really sort it looks like they missed something this time.”

“I’ll get in touch with our restaurant manager and ask them to remind the team how important those checks are. We hope this hasn’t put you off returning to one of our restaurants in the future, we’d love to welcome you back.”

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