KFC Brings Back ‘Daredevil’ Piri Piri Inferno Bites And They’re Spicier Than Ever

KFC fans are you ready? The much loved fast food chain has brought back its Daredevil bites and people are keen to have a bite of them to see if they can take the heat!

Oh.. and a little update is.. they are set to be spicier than ever before, with three flavours…you really have to be able to handle the heat to get through these bad boys.

Th boneless breadcrumbed chicken bites are crunchy and crispy but covered in one of the three sauces.

You can buy them for $£1.99 (£1.99) for a four-piece snack pot, or $8.60 (£6.99) as part of a meal which comes with a spicy Zinger Burger, chips, a side and a drink. Not going to lie, this has made me very hungry.

The sad news? this new addition is only around for six weeks, so you’ll have to be quick to try them.

The Daredevil bites were added to KFC menu’s back in 2014 and they were ditched from the menu two years later.

They are back spicier than ever with a new recipe to rival the slightly lacking heat of McDonald’s spicy nuggets.

People are very excited.

One user said:

“Life is now complete, they have the Daredevil bites back at KFC. Yum bloody yum.”

Another commented:

“@KFC_UKI is it true are daredevil bites back?”

A third said:

“2 of my best mates became dads on the same day!! […] and KFC daredevil bites are back @KFCUKI what a day to be alive!!”

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