Japanese Pizza Chain Is Selling A GIANT PIZZA Sandwich Made With 18 Different Types Of Meat

Nothing better than a slice of pizza is there?

Now, we either love anything that just involves cheese and tomato sauce or we are more drawn to variety when it comes to our pizza topping… what about… 18 different types of meat? Sounds good doesn’t it?

This one Japanese pizza chain has decided to completely change the pizza game for everyone, and it’s pretty amazing.

The dish has been created by restaurant chain “Aoki’s”.

The restaurant is dubbed the “Nikku Mountain” and the pizza is made up of 18 separate meats, weighing in at over two kilograms. WOW!

The pizza is elegantly presented in two stacked pizza layers.

The first layer of the Mountain features beef steak, hamburger patty, pork loin, Iberian bacon, diced bacon, sliced ​​bacon, bits of bacon, Bavarian sausage, pepperoni, mini wiener sausage, pork sausage and Italian sausage, plus, presumably, a ruined colon. AND BREATHE!

Underneath you will find a second layer of Wagyu beef ribs, dry-cured ham and chicken. It is then followed by minced meat, meat in a spicy sauce and taco meat. WOW!!

The pizza is layered with helpings of barbecue and Ajillo sauces, along with mozzarella and gouda cheese.

If this kind of pizza sounds like your kind of thing, you can either purchase a 25cm-wide medium for around $27, or go for it and get a 36cm large for $42.

Sounds more like a challenge is its only you eating it… unless you’re part of a group sharing this mouthwatering pizza.

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