Horrified Man Finds Mould On McDonald’s Burger Bun After Taking A Bite

When you go to Mcdoanld’s for your fast food fix it’s usually a nice experience, you get your meal, quick and easy and it’s always tasty.

Well, this man had a very different experience when he almost threw up in his car after discovering his McDonald’s burger bun was mouldy.. and what’s worse… he didn’t realise until he’d taken a BITE! Ew!

Liam Cummins, 34, had been out and about playing a game of cricket. After the game, he thought he would stop off to get something to eat so Mcdonald’s was his first choice.

He explained:

“I hadn’t eaten all day and on my way back to Shrewsbury, I thought why not grab a McDonald’s before I get on the motorway”

“So I went through the drive through. After getting my items I parked up and started to eat.”

It was at this point when he felt the bun, he noticed it didn’t feel as soft as it usually does.

Liam took a bite of the Chicken Big Tasty burger which cost him £4.89 but what he was met with was far from ‘tasty’.

He said “The taste was horrendous” and then proceeded to turn the burger over and what he found was disgusting.

He said:

“I was nearly sick whilst in my car, it just didn’t taste right, like stale old bread, I could instantly taste the mould.

“I’m not a complainer so just got on my way and thought I’d share it on social media.”

Mr Cummins admitted that threw up when he got home because of the thought that he might have swallowed some of the suspected mould.

The post has since gone viral.

After finally getting in touch with the fast food branch, they kindly issued an apology letter to him and £15 worth of vouchers.

A spokeswoman from McDonald’s said:

“We are sorry to hear about this customer’s experience.

“Food safety is of the utmost importance to us and we place great emphasis on quality control, however we are disappointed that on this occasion we have fallen short of the high standards we set ourselves.

“As the item was unable to be returned to the restaurant at the time, no further testing could be conducted but the customer has since been in touch with our Customer Services Team who have offered him vouchers, and these have been accepted.”

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