Good News…Skittles Dips Are Hitting Shelves In February 2020!

Exciting news Skittles fans…Mars Wrigley has just confirmed Three brand new products are hitting our shelves as early as 2020 and we can not wait.

These bad boys will be the Skittles Dips.

They sound amazing as they’ve been described having “the chewy Skittles consumers love with a soft, creamy yogurt-flavored coating.”

So yogurt covered raisins.. with Skittles inside?! It sounds too good to be true.

You get your usual yummy flavors such as strawberry, orange, grape, green apple, and lemon—with a delicious yogurt-flavored coating.

It was only recent that a Reddit user posted a photo of Skittles Dips, where it showed the original candy with a creamy yogurt-flavored coating.

The person who posted the photo said that their neighbor in Ohio “just gave them to me.”

How did he get his hands on them? We’ll never know…

All we do know is that the skittles will be here early 2020!

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