Furious Customer Shares Photo Of $5 Sandwich With Two Tiny Bits Of Meat

A sandwich is the favourite go-to lunch most people love to indulge in. It has to taste right, with a decent amount of meat and mixture of flavours.

It’s no surprise that this customer in New Zealand was horrified to find her sandwich was buttered with just 2 tiny pieces of meat as the filling.

The sad sandwich cost the customer $5 (NZD)(£2.64). Quite a steep price for such a bad lunch.

The ‘filling’ was made up of pieces of ham to the edge of the sandwich to make it appear as if they had served a full butty.

When she shared a photo of the terrible sandwich, people were shocked.

One person said:

“Very sneaky – place the strip at the front of the sandwich to give the impression the rest of the sandwich also has ham.”

Others branded it as ‘disgraceful’ and ‘terrible’.

It’s unknown if the woman complained to the restaurant or managed to get a refund on her very sad and disappointing lunch.

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