Coco Pops Fans.. A New White Chocolate Flavour Is Now Available Thanks To Kellogs

Cereal is good any time. Morning, evening/late-night, that bowl of happiness tastes so nice!

Cereal fans… good news just in… one of the favourite cereal brands out there, Kellogg’s, has announced they will be selling white chocolate Coco Pops. Oh my! I need to try it NOW!

The new flavour has 30 per cent less sugar than other chocolate rice cereals and no artificial colours or flavourings. It’s a whole lot better for you and i’m sure the taste is just as good as the original.

Real white chocolate has been used to make the Coco Pops taste really chocolatey…. yummy.

Yes, you may think they look just like Rice Crispies but although they look similar, Rice Crispies don’t contain white chocolate, obviously.

Apparently the cereal manufacturer is also introducing a new character called Nula the Narwhal who will ‘magically’ turn traditional Coco Pops into white chocolate in upcoming adverts.

How exciting!

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