Big Mac Or Big NO? Boyfriend Proposes Via Mcdonald’s Burger..

A big proposal story to tell everyone is the ultimate goal for any bride-to-be. Using a romantic way to propose to your loved one is normally how people do it right? It’s quite a big deal so making the moment perfect is a must… to avoid a ‘no’ and an embarrassing conclusion.

A page on Facebook has shared an image of a very odd “I do” moment.

The ring was not in the usual box you’d expect it… The husband-to-be chose a very strange way to propose, that’s for sure.

I know food is the way to many people’s hearts.. it makes you feel full, it makes you happy, but is it the right thing to use for a proposal? no matter how much one person loves it?

Lot’s of people want a sparkly beautiful ring presented in a romantic way. Right?

So this guy goes completely against the ‘norm’ and sticks a ring right in the middle of a Big Mac and the response has been… not so good.

Disgusted by the image, one commented:

“Big Mac? Big no.”

Another adding:

“Um. That better not be a Big Mac. Five Guys or nothing.”

One even asked:

“Can she have the burger if the answer is no?”

The photo with the burger bun with an engagement ring stuck in it was shared to Facebook group where it’s been liked more than 18,000 times.

It’s safe to say the proposal went viral online.. but did the bride-to-be want to tell everyone ‘this’ way?

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